The Trust was recently asked to help rehome five donkeys located in the lower North Island.  There are three jennies of various ages and two jack foals at foot – Sarah, Bogart, Lauren, Humphrey and Ava. (Please scroll down for their profiles and photos.)

The herd originally included two mature jacks who have already been rehomed and gelded. As the jennies were running with these jacks there is a strong possibility that the jennies are pregnant.

Before the Trust can consider rehoming these donkeys, the foals need to be gelded and weaned, and we need to know if the jennies are pregnant, so all five donkeys are currently in a temporary home in the Wairarapa with one of our Trustees.

The Trust will incur a number of costs in the coming months including gelding the two foals, pregnancy scans and pre-birth care, worming, tetanus injections, frequent farrier visits, and floating of the jennies’ teeth.  Floating the teeth is when the teeth are filed or rasped under sedation to reduce sharp edges. 

The donkeys have already had their first tetanus injections, farrier appointment and have been started on a worming program after a fecal egg count.

Our vet will do tests and possibly a scan to see if we can establish if any of the jennies are pregnant.  It can be difficult to confirm pregnancies in donkeys.  If any of the jennies are pregnant, they will remain at their temporary home until they give birth.

We really need your help

We are estimating it will cost at least $3,500 to provide these donkeys with the care they need.  This is a huge cost to the Trust so any support you can give us would be very much appreciated.

If you are able to donate towards the care of these donkeys , please click here


Donkey Profiles


Sarah is approximately 20 years old. She has a lovely nature, very calm and very friendly. We think she is the mother of the other two jennies and has a jack foal at foot. She is light in condition and will require hard feed and a careful worming programme to improve her body score. Weaning her foal will also assist in improving her condition. Her feet have been neglected but she was a complete star with the farrier who will visit frequently over the next few months to do little but often to improve their condition.


Bogart is Sarah’s wee foal currently at foot. We think he may be about 8-9 months old.
He is very gentle and while unhandled has his mother’s calm nature.
His first farrier visit went without a problem.


Ava is Bogart’s older sister. She is a very beautiful dun coloured donkey with big black eyes. We think she is maybe 4 years old. She is unhandled but wants to be friends so she will be very easy to train once she knows what it is all about.


We think Lauren is also Sarah’s daughter and may be 10 -13 years old. She is a little more feisty than her mum but still very quiet. Her condition is a little light but much better than Sarah. Again once her foal, Humphrey, is weaned her condition is expected to improve.


Humphrey is maybe 6 months old and adorable. White and very fluffy (and a grubby little boy). He takes after his mum and has a mind of his own but again quite calm considering he has never been handled.
He does have pink skin right around his eyes and a pink muzzle so will need constant protection from the sun in the summertime. He is a real character.

Your donation toward the costs of caring for these donkeys would be gratefully received.  Please click here to donate