Rehoming a Trust-Assisted Donkey

What is you need to consider when accepting a rehomed donkey

Rehoming a Trust-Assisted Donkey

Many of the donkeys and mules that come into the care of the rehoming centres are able to be rehomed.

If you are considering getting a donkey or mule from us, this is what you need to know:

  • you will need to have two donkeys, as donkeys are so much happier with another donkey for a friend.  Double the donkey fun!
  • the Trust will inspect your property to ensure you have adequate shelter, safe fencing, water, etc.
  • we ask for an adoption fee per donkey and mule which goes towards covering vet and farrier bills, feed and transportation.

Remember that donkeys can live to 40 years old, or more. They are a life long commitment.  But, sometimes life changes unexpectedly, and should you need us to, we can always take your donkeys back and find them another home.

If you are interested in providing a loving home to a couple of the donkeys that come into our care, please go to our Donkeys Available for Adoption page and submit your application