Donkeys Available for Adoption

These donkeys are currently available for adoption from The Donkey and Mule Protection Trust NZ.  If you are interested in adopting any of these donkeys,  you may apply online by completing and submitting the form below the donkey descriptions.  If none of these donkeys are for you, you may still apply to go on our waiting list for future donkeys that may become available.

We strongly recommend you read the information on donkey care available on this website in particular ” I would love a donkey..” to make sure donkeys are right for you.

Please note that single donkeys will only be rehomed where there is already at least one donkey in residence; a property inspection will be required;  and there will be a minimum of a three month trial lease prior to any formal adoption.  An adoption fee will apply.  The Trust is under no obligation to adopt out any animal and decisions are final.

Monty – currently on trial

Monty is about 25 years old we believe and is currently located in Whangarei.  He is a lovely good natured boy who came into our care as an entire jack who had been on his own for some time.  We had him gelded which all went very well and after six weeks he was introduced to other geldings.  While he can be too dominant with geldings smaller than himself, he has happily settled in with other geldings who keep him in line.  So after many years on his own he is now able to spend the rest of his life with other donkeys.  If you are interested in adopting Monty, please complete the adoption form below. You will need to have at least one other gelding of a similar age who is able to stand up for himself.  If you have already applied and think Monty might be for you and your donkey, you are welcome to email our secretary directly and let her know you are interested [email protected]

Peanut and Tilly – going on trial soon

Peanut and Tilly are mother and daughter.  Peanut was born in 2007 and Tilly in 2012 so 16 years old and 11 years old respectively.  Their owners are getting to the stage that they realise they need to rehome these beuatiful girls as they are unable to spend the time with them now that they need.  Both donkeys are very well behaved and are no problem having their feet trimmed.  They are able to be lead and have no health issues we are aware of.  They are located in Stratford in Taranaki.  If you are interested in adopting these two, please complete the form below.  Please note they will not be rehomed separately.



Errol and Flynn – Adopted!

Update: Happily Errol and Flynn have been formally adopted.  We wish them and their new owners all the best. 

Errol and Flynn are two foals that were born on 25 and 24 November 2021 respectively to two jennies that were pregnant when they came under the care of the Trust.  These boys will ONLY be rehomed together and to a home in the lower North Island.  They are gelded, halter trained and are very good at having their feet picked up and trimmed.  Errol, the grey donkey, is the leader of the pack and though a day younger, is the larger of the two.  He is very affectionate and loves people. Flynn, the chocolate donkey, has a little more attitude and is not as fond of being patted and scratched as Errol but he is very calm.  He will follow Errol’s lead. These boys need a home where they will have constant interaction with their owners.  They need to continue to have a lot of time spent with them so they will grow to be loving gentle donkeys. Any new owner will need to agree to regular visits by their current guardian.  Errol in particular had a tough start and the affection their current guardian has for them is particularly strong.

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