Bray it Forward

A gift for your person and a gift to the Trust

Bray it Forward

Do you need a Christmas present for the person who has everything?

Do you want to thank someone for their support?

Do you need to buy a last minute birthday present?

We have the answer…..

Bray it Forward

Complete the form below to donate to the Donkey and Mule Protection Trust and we will send your personal message in one of our cards to your nominated person.

You can donate an amount $10 or over. You will receive a receipt to claim a tax credit.

All proceeds go to support the Trust’s efforts of care and rehabilitation for donkeys and mules.

What your proceeds will be spent on

Proceeds from your donation will go toward the costs to rehabilitate and rehome donkeys and mules that come under the care of the Trust.

Costs typically include:

  • Hay and Straw – $1 per day
  • Farrier costs – from $50 every six weeks
  • Wormer – $40 four times a year
  • Dental work – from $150
  • Vet visit – from $150 per visit
  • Transportation to collect and deliver the animals – from $70
  • Feed supplements depending on the condition of the donkey – $60 per month
  • Gelding of Jacks (male donkeys) – from $600
  • Vaccinations, special diet, and regular medication – cost varies per animal

The Trust also produces educational brochures and volunteers travel to give advice and assistance to donkey owners across the country.

While all work related to the Trust is undertaken by volunteers including the guardians who care for the donkeys, there are also communication and administration costs related to operating the Trust that are funded through donations.