How you can sponsor a donkey

Sponsoring a donkey

Sometimes a donkey or mule comes into the care of a rehoming centre that cannot be rehomed.  It might be due to ongoing health issues, or it might be due to psychological issues stemming back to abuse.  Either way, if the rehoming centre believes a donkey cannot be rehomed safely and happily, it will remain within the care of the rehoming centre for as long as it takes, or for the rest of it’s life.

The people that run the RRC’s are volunteers, doing what they do for the love of the animals.  Therefore the Trust assists the rehoming centre by seeking sponsorship of any long term residents to ease the financial strain and to ensure our volunteers can continue their good work.

Depending on the donkey or mule, and their needs, will depend on how much sponsorship is require, with $50 a month being the average.  This money is used towards medication, worming, feet trimming, dental work, feed, rugs if required, minerals, salt licks, etc.

We know that $50 is a lot for any one sponsor to pay, so often a donkey will have two sponsors.  The sponsors receive quarterly updates on “their” donkey, or mule, along with some photos, and a long standing invitation to visit.


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please get in touch.